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Cloud Cycle is revolutionizing the ready-mix industry by digitising concrete enabling companies to improve concrete quality, reduce operational cost, waste, and CO₂ emissions.

What We Do

Cloud Cycle is optimising the concrete supply chain to help companies be more sustainable and profitable through the digitisation of concrete.

Concrete leaves batching plant

Cloud Cycle sensors enable AI to monitor concrete quality during delivery

Concrete arrives at site, with quality information available reducing on site testing and enabling full control from batch to site

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Benefits for your business

Cloud Cycle gives you greater visibility of your concrete’s quality

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Improved quality

Deliver concrete that precisely matches your customers’ specifications

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Customer Satisfaction

On time, on spec, every time

Reduced Risk and Liability illustration

Reduced risk & liability

Every batch controlled means lower insurance

Seamless Integration illustration

Seamless Integration

Our APIs seamlessly integrate into your existing systems

Increased Productivity illustration

Increased productivity

Fewer rejected loads means less downtime;
Operational insights drive efficiency

Reduced Waste Disposal illustration

Reduced waste

Less disposal, more efficiency, better margin waste and lower cost

Better Margins illustration

Better Margins

Boost revenue and reduce cost

Reduce CO2 emissions and Water use illustration

Reduced CO₂ emissions and water use

Control and reduce your waste and carbon footprint

Our Customers & Partners

Cemex PartnershipLondon Concrete Partnership

The Cloud Cycle Solution

The Cloud Cycle Solution enables ready-mix concrete suppliers to digitally test every load of concrete.

Cloud Cycle's CloudBox unit, a computer generated rendering.

The Cube

The Cube is Cloud Cycle’s software platform. Once connected you can visualise all of the data generated by the Cloud Box and other fleet assets. Whether you access the Cube through our intuitive User Interface or integrate with your own system you will have access to live information as well as reports allowing you to track, monitor and measure your digitised concrete.

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Concrete production is responsible for 8% of global CO₂ emissions. It is Cloud Cycle's mission to save 1% of the global CO₂ through waste reduction, improvement  in operations and logistics mainly caused by increased technologisation, under-use of data and analytics platforms.

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Over ten gigatonnes of concrete is produced every year across the world. This is the second largest resource used after water. 

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Concrete generates more than 4 gigatonnes of CO₂ each year making the ready-mix concrete industry one of the biggest carbon emitters. 

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Cloud Cycle's mission is to reduce global carbon emissions by 1% - that's 0.5 gigatonnes per annum.

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Cloud Cycle has been created by a team of dedicated scientists, engineers and construction experts in order to tackle some big concrete industry challenges. If you want to know more, get in touch.