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Cloud Cycle is revolutionizing the ready-mix industry by digitising concrete and enabling companies to improve concrete quality, reduce operational costs and CO2 emissions.

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Concrete Insights

The world's first predictive slump/flow management and water detection driven by our proprietary machine learning algorithm.

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Operational Success

Cloud Cycle improves your operations with waste reduction, delivery optimization, and concrete behaviour detection.

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Environmental Benefits

Mastering control of your concrete quality and operations slashes waste, CO2, water and costs, driving profitability and a better environment.

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What Cloud Cycle can do for you

Operational Improvements

Cloud Cycle system provides transparency for operations from the driver to the batch plant manager and allows companies to identify the individual performance of batch suppliers.


Quality Assurance

Gain unprecedented control over the quality of your ready-mix concrete with real-time monitoring and prediction of concrete’s characteristic from order to delivery.


Avoid Waste

Our machine learning algorithm suggests interventions, like adding water, to keep concrete within specification and minimise the potential of a failed test. Reducing failed tests both decreases costs to suppliers and waste to landfill.


Reach ESG Targets

Through quality assurance and avoiding waste the Cloud Cycle system helps concrete suppliers reduce their CO2 emissions and reach their ESG targets.

ESG targets
“In Cloud Cycle I see the marriage of the traditional, concrete, and the modern, digital technologies. Through this combination, Cloud Cycle has developed a truly innovative product that will help us think differently about how we manage concrete deliveries and control quality. I am delighted to be working with Cloud Cycle, and look forward to trialling their technology across our works.”

Lyndon Trinder

Innovation Manager, Balfour Beatty VINCI, HS2

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