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Concrete Digitised

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Cloud Cycle is transforming the ready-mix concrete industry by deploying proprietary sensors and algorithms to digitise concrete, enabling the digitalisation of quality and operations.

What we do

We equip your concrete mixer-truck with our CloudBox system to make it smart and connected. Truck data is measured by the CloudBox and streamed to our CUBE platform in real-time. The CUBE continuously monitors the quality of every delivery giving you visibility from batch to pour.

We start monitoring the delivery when the truck is loaded at the batch plant

Our system continuously monitors the delivery while you get on with your day

You get full visibility on every delivery, in real time, and historically

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Sure, but what is the benefit?

Our customers have saved up to 95% of concrete wastage, the waste saving alone pays for our system 3 times over. Batchers that use our system batch on-slump more frequently. Dispatchers that use our system have better conversations with the job-site resulting in fewer phone calls, and happier customers.

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Customer Satisfaction

Dispatchers that use our platform have better conversations their customers.

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Better Margins

Reduced wastage means improved margins and a more efficient fleet

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Reduced risk & liability

Historical records of every delivery reduces the impact of claims after the fact

Reduce CO2 emissions and Water use illustration

Reduced CO₂ emissions

Our system saved 100 tonnes of CO₂ by reducing wastage for a customer in Q1 2024

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Increased efficiency

Fewer returned loads means improved batch plant efficiency.

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Improved slump control

More consistent batching means less returned concrete, happier customers, and less cement

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Seamless Integration

Our APIs seamlessly integrate into your existing systems

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Improved quality

High temporal resolution GPS for better fleet management

Reduced Waste Disposal illustration

Reduced waste

Less disposal, more efficiency, better margin and lower cost

Our Customers & Partners

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Our solution

Our customers have called the cockpit for concrete but we call it The CUBE. We monitor every concrete delivery from batch to pour, and give you access via a beautiful dashboard or API.

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The CUBE is our software platform. Once your trucks are onboarded your team will have full visibility of every delivery. You don't need to worry about sending a tester to a site when you can see batching performance from your desktop in real-time.

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Concrete production is responsible for 8% of global CO₂ emissions. It is our mission to reduce global CO₂ emissions by 1%. That's a big task, and we aren't silly, we know it will take effort and collaboration. We can already see a path to 0.5% carbon reduction from reduced waste and cement use - importantly without relying on the discovery of some exotic material. We truly believe that through digitalisation of concrete, fleet, and construction, we can achieve a truly significant reduction in global emissions.

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Over ten billion tonnes (Gt) of concrete is produced every year making concrete the  most important building material in use

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Concrete generates more than 4 billion tonnes (Gt) of CO₂ each year making the ready-mix concrete industry one of the biggest carbon emitters. 

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Cloud Cycle's mission is to reduce global carbon emissions by 1% - that's 0.5 billion tonnes (Gt) per annum.

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