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About Cloud Cycle and our team

At Cloud Cycle we create innovative real time data systems using cutting edge data analytics and machine learning technology, to provide the perfect service to fit your needs and improve efficiency.

The company

Cloud Cycle team posing for a picture with Founder Phillip White

Cloud Cycle is a company born from over 30 years combined experience of our founders in the construction industry. Construction is famous for its inefficiency and waste, and concrete is by far the most prevalent material within construction which made it an ideal place to start. Phill & Russ knew there had to be a better way to manage concrete and with emerging technologies such as IoT, Machine Learning and Big Data now becoming mainstream, the possibilities to manage concrete like never before emerged. 

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it. Through our sensors we can monitor fresh ready mix concrete in the truck allowing us to identify any issues early enabling the concrete to be delivered right first time every time. This avoids rejected batches and any associated waste. 

Cloud Cycle is just 2 years old and in that time we have scaled from a team of 2 founders into a team of 20+ that are working with some of the largest concrete providers, projects such as HS2 and construction companies in the world. We have developed proprietary hardware & software that is scalable, cost effective and will transform the way that concrete is managed and the impact it has on the planet.

Three Critical Challenges

As a company, Cloud Cycle has concentrated its effort to transform the concrete industry around three main critical challenges
highlighted by our different partners.

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Quality Control

It’s difficult to control the quality of concrete and ensure that when it arrives on site it will be at the quality specified. As a consequence, typically 5% of a project’s concrete is wasted.

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Digital hardware in traditional industries, such as construction, is hard to scale because it’s expensive, heavy, and difficult to integrate.

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Environmental Sustainability

New ESG targets that tackle CO₂ emissions will be costly for the construction industry with concrete contributing 8% of the world’s CO₂ emissions.


Cloud Cycle aims to be the world leader in remote digital monitoring of concrete from batching to pour.

A groups of workers on a construction site observing the area

Tackle the challenge with us

The building industry is conservative and relatively slow to change. However, given the environmental issues surrounding carbon dioxide emissions, the large integrated producers have become increasingly active over the last decade in taking action to reduce their environmental footprint (carbon dioxide emissions, water usage, damage to the landscape). Accordingly, emission reduction and cost reduction, together with innovation of and investment into new technologies, has taken centre stage.

This coincides with an acknowledged need for increased use of technology, platforms and data to improve efficiency, logistics and operations for ready-mixed concrete. In addition to the carbon footprint, cement and water usage of concrete, there are inefficiencies throughout the life-cycle that relate to quality degradation, risk and liability, customer satisfaction, and margins.

This has created an urgent need for the industry to digitise, use more technology platforms, and access more real-time data analytics.

Our Leadership Team

Construction and tech engineer who brings together strategic thinking, communication, collaboration and attention to detail to solve technological problems.

Previously Rio Tinto and Fortescue Metals Group.

Russell Elfenbein - Founder and CTO

Russell Elfenbein

Founder and CEO

Head of Engineering Former head of sensors team at Dyson, with expertise in sensors, measurement, electronics and a passion for climate change solutions

Ed Waugh, Cloud Cycle (CTO) Chief Technology Officer

Ed Waugh

Co-Founder & CTO

Chartered Accountant and Expert in large projects, financial reporting, governance and financial modelling. Previously Shell and Anglo American.

Georgie McNee - CFO

Rob Stephenson


Testimonials from our team

Dr Emeso Ojo - Senior Research Scientist

Dr Emeso Ojo

Senior Research Scientist & Data

The most exciting part of my work is that we are a start-up seeking to make meaningful contributions to the construction industry by leveraging on disruptive technologies.

Alexandra Secan - Operations Manager

Alexandra Secan

Operations Manager

I genuinely care about company culture and values and putting slick processes in place that are scalable and help my colleagues. The fact that we are working towards reducing carbon emissions globally is a massive bonus as well - doing a positive thing every day.

Ed Waugh - head of Engineering

Ed Waugh


I really like building the team, every new hire has such a big impact on the company and it's great to onboard the people I will hopefully be working with for a long time to come.

Ed Waugh - head of Engineering

Sion Cowdy

Mechanical Engineer

The most interesting thing about working here is I could be 3D designing a part one day, it could be made the next and tested out on a truck the week after. It is so exciting to see your thoughts and ideas come to life so quickly.

Current job roles

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