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The Cloud Cycle System

The Cloud Cycle system has been developed to bring the most relevant insights directly to the user’s attention. We use the latest technology available, a combination of powerful hardware and the best data science techniques.

Concrete Digitised

For too long the concrete and construction industry has relied on manual methods to ensure quality. Cloud Cycle digitises these methods whilst reporting the results in standard units, offering consistent and repeatable data to our customers.

Data and analytics dashboard

The data approach

Cloud Cycle has a strong data focus. From collecting the most rigorous reference measurements to displaying the most relevant insights to our customers. But, most importantly, building a cutting edge data handling platform that allows our scientists to get the most from our data set. This has led to the development of unique data processing technologies that are specific to the construction industry.

The future is in new data insights

Creating a new data-rich platform using new sensors is one of the best ways in which the construction industry can future proof their business. Cloud Cycle is not only working on generating the new dataset that will drive future efficiency, but also creating the data analytics platform that will transform the industry, from manual to digital.

Operational Improvements

The Cloud Cycle system provides transparency for operations, allowing concrete suppliers to assess the performance of batch plants, trucks, and job sites.

Quality Assurance

Gain unprecedented control over the quality of your ready-mix concrete with real-time monitoring of concrete characteristics from order to delivery.

Avoid Waste

Our machine learning algorithm provides deep insight into concrete quality allowing concrete batchers to make informed decisions about their deliveries.

Reach ESG Targets

Through quality assurance and waste control, the Cloud Cycle system helps concrete suppliers reduce their CO₂ emissions and meet their ESG commitments.

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Cloud Cycle Platform

The Cube is Cloud Cycle’s software platform. Once connected you can visualise all of the data generated by the CloudBox and from your fleet. Whether you access the Cube through our intuitive User Interface or integrate with your own system you will have access to live information as well as historic reports allowing you to track, monitor and measure your digitised concrete.

Rendered version of Cloud Cycle's CloudBox system

The Cloud Box

The Cloud Box is a highly capable computing platform with a set of interfaces designed to maximise compatibility with current and future ready-mix concrete trucks. Based around a Quad ARM A53 processor at 1.6 GHz and including a vector processing unit, it is capable of running sophisticated machine learning algorithms at the edge. A built in CatM1 modem ensures future proof global communications with a single hardware design and the Cloud Box is built to meet automotive standards in vibration, temperature, water-proofing and EMC. Easy to deploy with a standard wiring harness and configurable remotely, the Cloud Box provides a flexible platform able to perform a large range of functions.

Cloud Cycle dashboard viewed on a iPad

The Platform

Based on the latest technology, the Cloud Cycle platform will integrate seamlessly with your system to deliver the most relevant insight to your business. The combination of deep learning and machine learning technology provides knowledge, recommendations and alerts to increase your operational efficiency. Our flexible API will easily integrate with your system making it the perfect ally for driving your company efficiency.

Cloud Cycle dashboard viewed on a laptop computer

Real-time Dashboard

Because the concrete business is a real time job, Cloud Cycle provide a real time dashboard with live information from your trucks, routes, plants and sites. From the large screen in the shipping office and dispatch centres, to the tablet version for the batch plant manager, information is tailored to the needs of users.

Our Research & Development Team

Technology research is fundamental to Cloud Cycle’s mission of improving the construction industry. We are building unique and novel solutions to real problems.